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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 600 Series DVR is quite compact—can it be mounted in the DIN slot of the bus?

Yes. You can purchase a 600 Series DVR and solid state HDD with the mounting hardware to install in a DIN1 slot located in the dash of the bus. Contact your local sales rep for pricing and availability.

What is the latest version of firmware for the 600 Series DVR’s?

Up to date for Jan.1st.2010 for 602L / 602W Series DVRs

1.Firmware version: MDVR602.
2.MCU Firmware version: MDVR602L-IOA1.06

What happens to the data on a 500 Series hard drive when I put it into a different DVR?

It acts the same as a 400 Series where all the video is cleared/erased. This occurs if you place the hard drive into a different DVR or re-name (i.e. change bus#).
Both of these actions will clear all the existing video/audio information.

The only exception is the 502/503/504 series DVR’s will append and not erase the data when moved between buses or re-named.

We apologize for any confusion this may cause, but it’s related to moving from an MS Windows embedded operating system to using a Linux operating system.

What happens to the data on a 400 Series hard drive when I put the drive into a different DVR?

All the video is cleared/erased.
This occurs if you place the HDD into a different DVR or re-name (i.e. change bus#).
Both of these actions will clear all the existing video/audio information.

Are 600 Series hard drives interchangeable with 400 & 500 Series DVR’s?

No, the 600 Series hard drives have a smaller enclosure.

The 600 Series drives are also offered in a solid state version of 16/32 or 64MB.
Units that use the solid state drives will not require the use of the shock mounting plate.

What is a SmartServer?

SmartServer is 247Security's turn-key video management solution using 802.11G wireless with encrypted and secure data transfer for small and large fleets.

When purchasing this solution it includes the hardware running the application (laptop) and a wireless access point and cabling to establish communication with the wirelessly enabled DVR’s and antennas installed on the buses.

It includes a localized version of MiniTRACK and the ability to integrate with the school’s existing network for ease in managing video.

How do I clean my fan filter and how often should I clean it?

The small plastic cover over the filter and fan “pops off” with your finger nail, then just run the filter under hot water to clean and then quickly dry and replace. And “pop” the cover back into place.

The cleaning should be done periodically depending on how quickly it becomes clogged. Cleaning the filter will increase the reliability of the DVR. If the DVR becomes very hot it will stop recording, so keep the filters clean and eliminate intermittent recording issues.

What version of firmware is the latest for the 500 Series DVR’s?

Current for Jan.1st.2010.

A)502/503/504 Series DVR
1.Firmware version:
2.MCU Firmware version: DMIOMC-00-RD-3.2

B)512/514/518 Series DVR (LAN Port & two RCA plugs on the front)
1.Firmware version: MDVR510X.
2.MCU Firmware version: mDVRMC-00-RD-5.8

Contact technical support for access to the latest software/firmware.

What version of firmware is the latest for the 400 Series DVR’s?

The latest version is: This information is listed on the DVR STATUS tab with-in the set-up menu when connected to the DVR with a laptop and crossover cable.

If you wish to upgrade to the latest version please contact technical support at 1.866.693.7492 and they will be glad to send you the software on a USB stick and instructions at no charge, this is not a required update.

This will be the final software release for the 400 Series. Production is being phased out, but support will of course continue and you will be able to get these DVR’s and peripherals serviced for years to come.

What is the difference between a SATA and PATA hard drive for the 500 Series?

When comparing PATA against SATA, SATA hard disk drives have several performance benefits which distinguish them from ATA hard drives.

Notably SATA hard drives operate cooler and on higher bandwidths which equates to faster data transfer. The latest models of PATA hard drives (ATA-7) offer data transfer rates of 133 MB/second.

The first SATA standard provided an immediate data transfer boost of up to 150 MB/second. If you have a 500 Series DVR you will notice a sticker on the front of the HDD which list the type USB PATA HD or SATA USB HD.

If you have a PATA drive in your 247Security DVR contact technical support and they will arrange an RMA# and exchange the PATA HDD at no cost.

Where can I get copies of the manuals?

All the manuals are located on the CD you received when purchasing the systems.
If you cannot locate the CD or didn’t receive a CD the manuals are also located on the 247Security secured FTP site.

Contact 247Security technical support at 1.866.693.7492 and they will email you the link and password to gain access to all the information. (This information will soon also be available via your My247 once you register.)

Can the 247Security HandsFree wireless solution work with my existing 400 & 500 Series?

Yes. You will need to update the software on the DVR via a USB stick that will be provided with instructions. You will also need an external wireless card and wireless antenna for the bus.
Contact your local sales rep for pricing and availability.

What is the difference between 400 & 500 Series hard drives?

Only the physical size (enclosure) is different.
The 500 Series hard drives (HDD's) are larger and more robust.

Can I download video from the DVR to a USB Flash Drive?

Yes, if you purchased a USB flash memory drive ("memory stick") from 247Security you can download marked events or programmed events. Contact you sales rep or technical support for purchasing information.

I have a 400 Series DVR that loses power if I touch the power cable, why?

The likely issue is the power cable's internal pins connecting to the power plug at the DVR.
Contact technical support at 1.866.693.7492 and they will send you the necessary parts to resolve the issue at no charge.

What is MiniTRACK?

MiniTRACK is 247Security's powerful low-cost GPS fleet management tool with no recurring monthly fees. (MiniTRACK Pro, has extended features available with fee).

Here are just some of the key functions:
a)Passive GPS monitors vehicle path, speed, idling, stops, bus-stops and more!
b)Data displayed on satellite maps via a web application as tabulated records
c)Easily export data records to MS Excel for review and additional analysis
d)Ability to synchronize GPS & Video data

And More! Talk to one of our Sales Representatives today (Toll-Free: 1-866-693-7492) for more information!

What is the FTP site and what information is located there?

The 247Security FTP site (file transfer protocol) is a location on the Internet where you can access to download software and manuals that are too large to email. Some school districts restrict access to FTP sites so you may need to contact your local IT department if you experience issues.

Contact 247Security technical support at 1.866.693.7492 and they will email you the link and password to gain access to all the information. This information will soon also be available through your “My247” account if you are a registered customer.

How can I get my equipment repaired if I have a problem?

Please contact 247Security technical support via telephone at 1.866.693.7492 or email at support@247securityinc.com to obtain a return material authorization (RMA) number.

Support personnel will first attempt to troubleshoot the issue to make sure it’s not something easily resolved over the phone or via email.

If it is determined a component needs returning for repair/replacement an RMA number will be issued and a UPS call tag emailed to reduce the hassle of returning the equipment. If the equipment is out of warranty you will be notified, and approve any charges before proceeding with the repair.

What is the length of your warranty?

The 400 Series systems have a 2 year depot warranty on the DVR and a one year depot warranty on the hard drive, cameras and cabling.

500 Series systems shipped prior to July 1, 2009 have the same warranty, but the newer 500 Series systems shipped after July 1, 2009 have a 3 year depot warranty on ALL components.

The newest 600 Series also has a 3 year depot warranty on all the components.

Why can’t I see LIVE images with my laptop connected to the DVR?

Here are a number of items to try before contacting 247Security technical support or your IT department:
a)Ensure you are using the crossover cable provided by 247Security or a quality brand crossover cable.
b)Make sure you set up a static IP address on the laptop. (Refer to question on static IP address for additional information.)
c)Do you have the latest version of the DVR Viewer? (Refer to question on DVRViewer to determine the version of software you are currently running.)
d)Try to “PING” the IP address or to verify network connectivity.

My 500Series hard drive will not connect to my PC with the USB cable--why?

There are a number of possible reasons:

a)Make sure you are using a short USB cable (6” long), the longer USB cables don’t provide enough power to the larger size HDD’s (160GB - 500GB)

b)Try a different USB port on the PC, some don’t provide as much power as others if they are located on different sides of the PC.

c)Do you have the latest version of the DVR Viewer (9.605)? Refer to question 4 to determine the version of software you are currently running.

d)If you “browse” to “My Computer” do you see the HDD as a recognized drive letter? If not, please contact your IT department or 247Security technical support at 1.866.693.7492. You likely didn’t have the proper administrative rights when installing the software.

Why do I need a static IP address to communicate with the DVR?

All 247Security DVR’s are shipped with the following static IP address of on the 400 Series, and for the 500 & 600 Series.

In order to communicate with the DVR, the laptop used to connect via the crossover cable supplied by 247Security needs its own static IP address. The IP address is similar but different, than the two listed above, example is a good address to use.

When you are connecting to the DVR with your laptop, you are building a simple network and the use of the static IP address and the crossover cable so you don’t need additional hardware (LAN router) in the equation to connect.

Entering the static IP address is a little different on a Windows XP or VISTA system. You will need the proper administrative privileges on the laptop to proceed. You can contact your internal IT department for help or review the documentation we have created that is located in the manuals section of the 247Security FTP site.

What is the Login ID and password for the set-up function within the DVR Viewer application?

Once logged into the application and you now are ready to “connect” to the DVR to review or change the configuration you will see another Login ID and password is required.

If you have already correctly set up with a static IP address to access the DVR the Login ID is admin and the password is the same as the first setup, and it is case sensitive.

What version of the DVRViewer software should I be using?

The latest version is release 9.605 which is backward-compatible and works with all our DVR systems (400 / 500 /51X / 600).

You can determine what version you are currently running by logging into the application and then left clicking your mouse on the small 247Security logo located in the upper left corner of the application, then left mouse click on "About dvrclient"

This will then open another window to display the release number. You can obtain the latest version of software by logging onto the 247Security FTP site. If you don't have this info, contact technical support at 866.693.7492 and we will be glad to email you the instructions.

What is the Login ID and password for the DVRViewer software?

All versions of our DVRViewer playback software when you first install is set-up with the same default login ID and password.

Login ID is "Admin", just select it from the drop down list.
The password is "247SECURITYINC" and it is case sensitive.

You can create your own Login ID and password once you login the first time by selecting the users tab and filling in the information, just remember to set yourself up as an administrator giving you rights to all the features and functions.