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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is the difference between a SATA and PATA hard drive for the 500 Series?

When comparing PATA against SATA, SATA hard disk drives have several performance benefits which distinguish them from ATA hard drives.

Notably SATA hard drives operate cooler and on higher bandwidths which equates to faster data transfer. The latest models of PATA hard drives (ATA-7) offer data transfer rates of 133 MB/second.

The first SATA standard provided an immediate data transfer boost of up to 150 MB/second. If you have a 500 Series DVR you will notice a sticker on the front of the HDD which list the type USB PATA HD or SATA USB HD.

If you have a PATA drive in your 247Security DVR contact technical support and they will arrange an RMA# and exchange the PATA HDD at no cost.

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