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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Use Caution When Naming Bus and Cameras

Over the course of the last several weeks, multiple issues have been noticed in the Technical Support Department that have been caused by the way that individual bus numbers or the names of each camera have been entered during the configuration of the DVR.  It is important to remember just a couple of items when it comes to naming the bus on the DVR as well as the name or description of each camera.

Please use the following guidelines when programming the bus name or camera name within the DVR:

1.  Please use only Alphanumeric characters when naming each bus.

2.  No symbols, signs or blank spaces should be used when naming the bus.

Correct Examples of Bus Names:

Incorrect Examples of Bus Names:
Bus 1 (there should not be a space)
Bus_1 (the underscore character should not be used)
Bus 20-07 (there should not be a space nor should the dash be used)

Correct Examples of Camera Names:

Incorrect Examples of Camera Names:
Cam 1 (no space should be used)
Front_View (no underscore or any other character should be used)
Camera #1 (no space should be used nor should the # character be used)

Following these guidelines will keep all of the on screen display names of your fleet consistent and can help prevent issues with your video data.