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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why do I need a static IP address to communicate with the DVR?

All 247Security DVR’s are shipped with the following static IP address of on the 400 Series, and for the 500 & 600 Series.

In order to communicate with the DVR, the laptop used to connect via the crossover cable supplied by 247Security needs its own static IP address. The IP address is similar but different, than the two listed above, example is a good address to use.

When you are connecting to the DVR with your laptop, you are building a simple network and the use of the static IP address and the crossover cable so you don’t need additional hardware (LAN router) in the equation to connect.

Entering the static IP address is a little different on a Windows XP or VISTA system. You will need the proper administrative privileges on the laptop to proceed. You can contact your internal IT department for help or review the documentation we have created that is located in the manuals section of the 247Security FTP site.

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