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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Am Interested in Going Wireless, But What Do I Do With The Equipment I Already Have?

Touchdown, the wireless video and fleet data management solution offered by 247 Security Inc, has generated a lot of interest across the country.  For some, the implementation of this system has been simple, as they are first time users of 247 Security’s line of products and simply install all new DVRs, cameras and related equipment on their buses at the time that they implement Touchdown.  However, as a 247 Security Inc customer, you have already made the investment in our DVRs and cameras, maybe even a considerable time ago.  Those existing customers continually ask us if it would be necessary to buy all new vehicle equipment in order to implement the Touchdown wireless solution.  The answer is quite simple:  No, you do not have to replace your existing 247 Security Inc equipment to implement the Touchdown solution.

There are two simple ways that units that you have previously purchased can be upgraded to work with the wireless solution:

1.        Some customers may have purchased units that are already “wireless ready.”  Wireless ready means that they have a radio modem installed inside the DVR and  that unit just need to be reprogrammed (and possibly the firmware or other software upgraded) and add a external wireless antenna.

2.       Other units without the built in wifi modem, even dating back to the original mDVR400 units, can be simply upgraded to work with the wireless solution by adding a wireless bridge and some basic reprogramming.

Either way, if you already have 247 Security Inc equipment mounted on your fleet of vehicles, you would not have to replace that equipment and start all over.  Obviously, that would dramatically reduce the costs of the Touchdown system to your school district.

Existing customers would still need to purchase the wireless infrastructure (access points, computer/software that controls Touchdown) and would need to purchase any of the wireless bridges for units that are not wireless ready, but you wouldn’t have to replace the equipment that you already own.

For more information, contact your sales representative for a more detailed presentation of what Touchdown offers and for customized pricing of upgrading your existing equipment.

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